Developing The Winner Within.

Come Learn about the 80% 
of the game that no
one talks about.


Gabrielle and Devrinn have worked with student athletes at every level for over 20 years. Devrinn has developed the eye for improvement through his career as a division 1 college coach for years. Devrinn has coached at college programs such as Kentucky State University, University of Louisville, and Marshall University. Gabrielle has been able to build the winning edge in life, through the journey of basketball. She started as a state champion and 2000 point scorer in high school, that led to a full scholarship from Assumption University where she is the 2nd all time leading scorer. Together the Paul’s believe that everything in life and sports begins with your mindset. The years of coaching gives them the ability to assess what drives an athlete to compete at the highest level. They’ve realized that most student-athletes are missing the mental side of the game. If you are a student-athlete, parent of a student-athlete, or coach you understand how important it is to develop the correct psychology.  LET'S GET IT!

Areas all student-athletes must develop are:

  • Coach-able: every student-athlete must be coachable in order to see true progress. Becoming coachable is a key component to growing in sports and life. Being coachable relates to a happy and productive lifestyle.
  • Athlete’s Mindset: this is how every student-athlete views each situation they encounter throughout sports and life. You can’t change your game, until you change your mindset.
  • Self Evaluation: this must become a habit for any student-athlete to reach their full potential. Take full responsibility for your current situation and learn to accept the feedback to increase your performance. 
  • Disciple: the student-athlete must learn how to use self control to complete task that must be completed no matter what you feel like. Learn the strategy to break bad habits and replace them with good habits, we call this habit awareness. 
  • ​Preparation + Opportunity = Success 

Student-Athlete’s Will learn how to:

  • Build the winning mindset
  • Create a vision for your life. 
  • Shift your mindset with action. 
  • ​Build Self-Confidence 
  • ​Become a Problem Solver
  • ​Learn the art of Habit Awareness
  • ​Become coach-able 

Benefits of the developing the Athlete’s Mindset:

  • Learn how to increase playing time
  • Clarity for your future
  • Increased self-confidence 
  • ​Increased self-esteem
  • ​Development of court awareness, positive body language, and how to be an active listener. 
  • ​Learn how to become a better teammate 
  • ​Learn how to make proper adjustments and stop making the excuses
  • ​Learn time management skills that will help you in school as well as on the court. 


  • How to focus on what you can control. 
  • Failing forward and make the best out of bad decisions. 
  • 4 core areas of the athlete’s mindset
  • Basic ways to become coachable 
  • Improving your mindset will increase your performance on and off the court. 
  • ​You don’t have problems, you only have opportunities to grow. 
  • Your hidden superpower or talent
  • How to maximize your time and develop a growth mindset. 
  • ​How to use your strengths to better support your weaknesses.

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